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Heart Songs for Veterans mission is to help our Nations Veterans. Artists from across the nation from all genres of music donate songs, EP’s and Full Length Albums paying forward the royalties to Veteran Organizations.

Heart Songs for Veterans is the pairing of Founder, Jill Pavel’s two passions, Helping Veterans and Music. By bringing the two communities together in an innovating pairing, the programming was born. Jill’s personal Heart Song is the joy that this programming will bring to the Veterans, their families and the artists that will be privileged to make a difference. Heart Songs for Veterans initially started as a random act of kindness campaign to help raise funding for a service dog organization with one of the artists that Jill is managing, Andy Roadarmel. The program was innovative and well received in the Nashville arena and with the support of her staff she launched Heart Songs Corporation a record label to support the programming. The charity platform is manned with a volunteer corp that is 100% volunteer alongside executives Kenna Hunter (Charity Director) and Charlotte Shockey (Marketing

Jill Pavel is the Host & Executive Producer of Project Lips, A Heart Songs for Veterans Production that launched October 2014 with her partners at Scorpion Radio Group. Project Lips. She is the Co-Founder of Music Update Central (originally Official Music Update), Founder of Yonk Radio and producer of The Hip Hop Diner Show & Something About Rosie Show launching on the Yonk Radio Network 2016. She is a Board Advisor, of Truckin4Troops, Hope Farms 4 Veterans and is the Director of the Veteran Service Dog Program at GatorlandK9 International.

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